A one component ready to use polyurethane sealant and adhesive that bonds to most materials including steel, aluminium and most plastics. Ideal for sealing and bonding body panels, trims and seams.

  • Non shrinking
  • Permanently flexible
  • Can be overpainted


Application Temperature 15 – 35 °C
Work Time at 20°C 20 minutes
Tool with water only.
Apply with a standard cartridge caulking gun or pneumatic version at approximately 108 PSI (6 bar).
The materials to be bonded should be pressed firmly or mechanically fixed together within the skin formation time. Some
applications may need to be fixed mechanically until complete cure is obtained.

Drying Time

PLEASE NOTE: drying times are dependent upon humidity and temperature.
The drying times suggested are based on 50% humidity.
Skin Formation at 20°C 30 – 60 minutes
Through-Cure at 20°C 3 mm per 24 hours


This formulation can be directly overcoated immediately after application with most water/solvent-based paint systems.
The drying time for synthetic paints may be extended.
This formulation does not contain biocides or have UV protection. If used in areas with prolonged exposure to sunlight or high
moisture, it is recommended to overcoat with a suitable paint system.

Additional information

Once opened, exposure to air will initiate curing of the remaining
adhesive in the cartridge. Ensure the full cartridge is used within 3
days. Once opened, securely apply aluminium foil to both the tip and
base of the cartridge to maximize the longevity of the adhesive.
Uncured adhesive can be removed with a panel wipe. Cured adhesive
can only be removed mechanically.


Physical properties Appearance Paste.
Colour Black
Density 1.23 g/cm