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SIAbond Contact Adhesive is a high viscosity contact adhesive, based on synthetic rubber and resins. It has high strength, good heat resistance and excellent ageing. It is also weather and water resistant, with a high solids content, making it suitable for porous surfaces. The long open time makes it useful for a variety of applications including:-

– Decorative laminate
– Full plastic laminate Wood
– Plywood Metals (except copper)
– Leather
– Rubber
– Glass
– Canvas

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Directions for use

1. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease and dust.
2. Using a clean brush, apply an even layer of adhesive to both surfaces. For porous materials, where the adhesive is absorbed quickly, apply a second coat.
3. Allow a drying time of 10-15 minutes @ 20?C. Allow longer at lower temperatures or high humidity.
4. When the adhesive is dry to the touch, join the surfaces to be bonded in the exact position. The product will not allow for repositioning.
5. Immediately apply pressure to the entire area using either a press or a hand pressure roller. To avoid air pockets or bubbles, work from the centre towards the edges.
6. Under cold conditions, allow both the adhesive and the substrates to reach room temperature before application.

Technical Data

Physical form: liquid
Colour: yellow
Viscosity: 3000 mPa.s @ 20?C
Open Time: up to 2 hours
Solids Content: 24 ? 0.5%
Specific Weight: approx. 0.86 Kg/L
Heat Resistance: up to 80?C


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