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SIAbond PVA D3 is a one part D3 PVA emulsion adhesive, specially formulated for bonding wood. It has a fast set, high bond strength and excellent water resistance. It will bond virtually all woods, wood veneers and high pressure decorative laminates. SIAbond D3 can also be used with either hot or cold presses and is also suitable for use with a radio frequency press. It is easily applied by either brush, roller or serrated glue spreader. This adhesive should not be used on Fire Retardant wood based panels.

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Bonding conditions: The adhesive substrate and ambient temperature should ideally be at a minimum of 20?C. The moisture content of wood materials should be uniform and should not exceed 12%.

Spreading: SIAbond D3 can be applied by serrated glue spreader, roller or brush. Application is normally to one surface at a rate of 150g/m?.

Open assembly times: Maximum of 15 minutes depending on the materials to be bonded. Assembly times are dependant on ambient conditions and substrates used.

Pressing: Pressure must be applied whilst the adhesive is still wet and should be a minimum of 30 psi (2Kg/cm?) depending on the type of wood and structure.

Press times: Press times required depend on adhesive coating and upon substrates. Typical figures are:
Hot Press: Decorative laminate/plywood 80?C / 1 min
Cold Press: Decorative laminate/plywood 20?C / 20 mins

Technical Data

Colour: White, clear when dry
Viscosity: Medium
Minimum film forming temperature: 2?C
Specific gravity: approx. 1.04
pH: approx. 3


Equipment should be cleaned with warm or cold water whilst the adhesive is still wet.

Storage and Shelf Life

The adhesive should be stored in a cool, dry area at temperatures between 5?C and 30?C. Under these conditions the product has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in the original, unopened container.

? Conforms to British Standard 4071 in respect of bond strength resistance to sustained load.
? Conforms to the water resistance requirements of BS EN204 to category D3.


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