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O’KEEFFE’S SKIN REPAIR Guaranteed Relief 190ml and 325ml Pump



Guaranteed Relief for Extremely Dry, Itchy Skin

O’Keeffe’s Skin Repair is the perfect moisturiser for extremely dry skin, but gentle enough for everyday use. Packed with effective ingredients, our highly-concentrated, unique formula has been clinically proven to help repair and restore even the driest skin—almost instantly. O’Keeffe’s long-lasting formula provides up to 48 hours of relief with each application and even lasts through showering—maximum impact, minimum fuss.

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When the skin’s natural barrier is damaged, it’s much more susceptible to the moisture loss that leads to dry, itchy and uncomfortable skin. O’Keeffe’s Skin Repair not only works to repair the damaged skin, but also offers protection from further water loss.

Our unique formula draws moisture in from the environment and provides a protective barrier to seal in the hydration. With long-lasting moisturisation that lasts up to 48 hours with each application, extremely dry skin should become a thing of the past.

Apply a small amount of O’Keeffe’s Skin Repair to your skin – that’s all you need. With more of the most effective ingredients, a little goes a long way. Re-apply as needed throughout the day.

The roots of O’Keeffe’s Company go back more than 20 years, and can be found in an arid region on the California-Oregon border known as Klamath Basin.

Bill O’Keeffe was a rancher and diagnosed diabetic, who loved his rigorous, physical work. However, the tough lifestyle took its toll on his hands and feet. Seeing the discomfort caused by his chronically dry skin, his daughter, Tara, was driven to find a solution.

Applying her skills as a pharmacist, Tara and her father spent years creating and testing various formulations mixed in her kitchen until, many years later, she developed a product that worked better than any others. This was the basic formula for what has become  O’Keeffe’s Working Hands and, several years later, O’Keeffe’s for Healthy FeetO’Keeffe’s Lip Repair and O’Keeffe’s Skin Repair.

Now with the amazing quality of Bill and Tara O’Keeffe’s original formulas, O’Keeffe’s Company (still a family-owned business) is committed to carrying out their legacy – developing skincare solutions that work as hard as you do.

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