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Rotolo Foam? pre-cut sheets, conveniently packaged in a roll form, are ideal for fine sanding on round edges, contours and curves, providing an outstanding finish on primers and top coats.
The secret of Rotolo Foam? lies in the combination of Norton Pro A275 sanding paper and the special foam backing.
With Norton Rotolo Foam?, a superior finish is achieved by hand sanding using fine grits!
Norton Rotolo Foam has now been improved with a new PERFECT pre-cut technology that guaratees a straight edge when a piece is torn.
The new pre-cut makes it easier to tear with one hand, and prevents uneven scratches due
to an uneven edge.

Excellent for fine sanding with high finishing level.
Reduces clogging.
Ideal for use on round edges, contours and curves without breaking through the paint surface.
Easy gripping
Easy to use and economical
Easy to handle, protected against dust

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