Festool PSC 420 EB-Basic 18V EB Pendulum Jigsaw Bare Unit

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Supplied With:

1 x Pendulum Jigsaw
1 x Fine Tooth Blade
1 x Universal Blade
1 x Splinter Guard
1 x SYS 3 Systainer

HighPower battery pack BP 18 Li 4,0 HPC-ASI

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Festool 18V EB Pendulum Jigsaw Bare Unit PSC 420 EB-Basic

The Festool 18V EB Pendulum Jigsaw Bare Unit 576521 is ideal for trade professionals as well as DIYers due to the sheer power, durability and quality this Jigsaw provides. It is ideal for cutting out for sinks, and kitchen hobs, for trimming work on furniture, cutting circles and curves and cutting from below. The threefold saw blade guide and rigid lifter rod ensures the jigsaw can cut curves excellently, and the softgrip ensures the user can do it comfortably and with ease. It has an easily visible scribe mark to help with accuracy and neat perfect cutting. This Pendulum Jigsaw is a body only, naked machine, it is not supplied with batteries or a charger, it is supplied with a fine tooth blade, a universal tooth blade and a splinter guard.


Features and Benefits:

  • Strong traction and triple saw blade guide for excellent curve handling
  • Soft Grip egronomic design
  • Precision cutting along the scribe mark