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FESTOOL Mobile workshop MW 1000

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Items included
SYS-AZ-MW 1000 pull-out drawer
TSB/1-MW 1000 table
in carton


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Turns the construction site into your workshop.
If the customer can not come to the workshop, then the workshop must go to the customer. With a customised set-up, these can be perfectly adapted to meet your requirements: The mobile workshop impresses with its ease of use for transportation, assembly and disassembly that is as easy as possible. In just a few steps, the sophisticated and compact unit becomes a stable workplace with direct access to all tools wherever you are. Just like in your own workshop.

Easy to transport up and down steps due to the large wheels, which are fully rubber-lined and shock-resistant
Handle with adjustable angle, sliding surfaces and recessed grip on the pan for easy loading into a vehicle by one person
Compact dimensions and effortless assembly and disassembly
Worktops and storage areas with optional customised extension: Simple option of adding multiple multifunction tables and SYSTAINER pull-out drawers
Stable worktop comprising perforated top and aluminium profile offers flexible clamping and attachment options


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