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DOMINO connector range KV-SYS D8

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The new DOMINO basic structure connectors and furniture connectors enable stable yet flexible furniture designs that can be separated again. Because of their great versatility, they provide for a very large range of applications – from corner panel joints to centre panel joints to joints between a series of holes. For unique flexibility, speed and efficiency.

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  • The clever DOMINO system enables very simple and precise positioning of joints, thereby rendering additional stops and positioning aids unnecessary. For working efficiently and quickly
  • The connectors’ large tightening distance and long bolts make furniture assembly significantly easier. Cupboard assembly is therefore no problem, and you can do it easily on your own.
  • The flush-screwed fixture elements protect each furniture component from being scratched
  • Routing and cutting tolerances of up to 1.4 mm are compensated for without problems by the fixture
  • The new detachable DOMINO basic structure connectors and furniture connectors are perfectly suited for a panel thickness of 18 mm to 28 mm

Items included

    • 70x DOMINO/DOMINO KV D8 basic structure connector
    • 20x DOMINO/LR32 KV-LR32 D8 basic structure connector
    • 10x DOMINO/DOMINO MSV D8 centre panel connector
    • 10x DOMINO/LR32 MSV-LR32 D8 centre panel connector
    • 50 dark brown cover caps, KV-AK D15 brn
    • 50 silver cover caps, KV-AK D15 slr
    • 50 white cover caps, KV-AK D15 wht
    • 50 grey cover caps, KV-AK D15 gr
    • 20x DOMINO D 8 x 36 mm
    • BS-KV D15 drill template
    • KVB-HW D15 CE hinge location cutter
    • Screwdriver
    • Systainer SYS 1 T-LOC


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