Bessey EZXL60-9 Heavy Duty One Handed Clamp EZXL 600/90

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BESSEY EZXL30-9 Heavy Duty One Handed Clamp EZXL 300/90

Opening: 600mm
Throat Depth: 90mm
Clamping Force: 2700 N
Rail: 22 x 8mm

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BESSEY EZXL60-9 Heavy Duty One Handed Clamp EZXL 600/90


Features & Benefits

• Heavy-duty clamps designed for long life and everyday use
• Durable and ergonomic
• Soft protective end caps
• Crossed V-groove in caps for secure fixing of many different parts
• Reversible jaws for clamping or spreading
• Easy access quick-release lever for one-handed use

Release Information

Versatile and well thought out: While they are designed to last a long time, they are supremely quick and easy to use for everyday clamping applications: the easy-access quick release lever in the handle enables the brackets to be slid up or down the rail for quick one-handed adjustments and instantly disengages the jaws when you have finished. The handle mechanism is sealed inside a plastic enclosure which protects it against job site dust and debris, and the jaws have soft, protective caps which prevent damage to the work surface when clamping down on more sensitive materials like softwoods and plastics.

Sturdy and well made: The Bessey EZXL series of one-handed quick clamps are made from durable, long-lasting materials, including glass fibre-reinforced polyamide and tempered burnished steel.

Weight (kg) 1.57
B – Throat depth (mm) 90
X – Rail (mm) 22 x 8
A – Opening (mm) 600
Clamping Force kN (up to) 2700 N


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